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                  Message from Cllr. Mick Cahill, President AILG 2019/20:

"The Association of Irish Local Government is the primary body representing the democratically elected members and their member local authority. The AILG is a networking, policy development and training resource for the elected members of Ireland’s thirty-one County and City Councils. The Association works with our delegates in each of the councils to help develop a sense of collegiality among the elected members who serve the public in a variety of local government settings, ranging from urban to suburban and rural. Through regular interaction with other stakeholders in the local government environment, the AILG aims to ensure that the contribution of Ireland’s democratically elected Councillors is appreciated in Government Departments and throughout the full range of public agencies."

Cllr. Cahill is a member of Longford County Council, representing the Ballymahon Electoral Area, Cllr. Cahill was elected President of the AILG at it's recent AGM held on the 19th September 2019 in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. 

Speaking following his election as President, Cllr. Cahill stated that it is a massive privilege to have been elected by members across Ireland, to the position of National President of the Association of Irish Local Government (AILG). He said "The AILG trains and pioneers capacity building and policy development for locally elected representatives so they can serve their communities to the highest standard possible. I intend to bring new energy and drive to it's work and I'm looking forward to the challenge this year."

Mission Statement of the AILG

"‘The AILG is a national representative body that represents and supports the role of our elected councillors. We are a strong voice for local communities through effective local government.’”.

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