Our Structure

The Association of Irish Local Government (AILG) was founded on 1st June 2014, following a merger of the then existing Elected Member representative bodies, the Association of County & City Councils (ACCC) and the Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland (AMAI). This merger was part of the 2014 local government reforms.

Following the local government reforms of 2014 both organisations merged voluntarily to form the Association of Irish Local Government.

The AILG is now the primary national representative body that represents and supports the role of our Local Authority Elected Members. We are a representative, networking, policy development and training body for the Elected Members of Ireland’s thirty-one County and City Councils.

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The Structure of AILG

Once a local election takes place and our 949 local Councillors across Ireland are democratically elected, each local authority nominates three of their elected members as delegates to AILG and they remain in place for the full 5-year term until the next local elections.

AILG works with our nationwide delegates to ensure that the contribution of Ireland’s democratically elected Councillors is appreciated in Government Departments and throughout the full range of public agencies. The Association holds an annual AGM where the delegates elect a President, Officer Board and a National Executive Committee. Our delegates are responsible for setting the strategy and policies of AILG, which are then implemented and delivered through our Officer Board and Executive Committee.

As we celebrate the 121st Anniversary of Local Government in Ireland, AILG and its predecessor associations have worked tirelessly to develop, support, and give a voice to Ireland’s Local Authority Elected Members, helping them to respond to massive changes and challenges that have taken place in local government. We will continue to progress towards fulfilling our vision of a thriving local government system in Ireland with the Elected Members at its centre, serving and delivering for the public.

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