Training & Education

Local Community & Economic Development

April 2018

New Library Strategy 2018-2022 Where to next?

Speakers: Paul Gerathy (Libraries Development Unit) Eileen Davey (Libraries Development Unit)

October 2017

Rural Renewal Schemes 2017

Speaker: Deirdre Kelly (Assistant Principal Officer)

October 2015

Local Community Development – Role of the Elected Member

Speaker Cllr. Christy Curtin (Clare County Council)

October 2015

Local Community and Development – Pobal SICAP Supports & Systems

Speaker: Jerry Murphy, Deputy CEO Pobal

October 2015

Engaging with Local Authorities PPNs

Speaker Sean McLaughlin (Assistant Principal Officer )

May 2015

Local Community Development – Committees Functions, Structures and Supports

Speaker Donal Enright (Community Division) 

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