Training & Education

Planning & the OPR

February 2020

The Plan Making Process – Development Plan Guidelines

Speaker: Paul Hogan, Acting Chief Planner, DHPLG

February 2020

Evaluation and Assessment of Plans

Speaker: John Desmond, Senior Planner (OPR)

October 2019

Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive and Members

Speaker: Pat Ledwidge, Retired Dir. of Service Planning & former Deputy Chief Executive, (Cork City Council)

October 2019

Purpose of Planning and its Legislative/Policy Framework

Speaker: Colin Ryan, Senior Planning Adviser, DHPLG 

October 2019

The Planning Process, the Elected Member and the Office of the Planning Regulator

Speaker: Niall Cussen, Planning Regulator (OPR)

September 2018

The new ePlanning (on-line planning applications)- A briefing for Elected members

Speakers: Kevin Kelly, CE Galway County Council, Brian beck, Senior Planner, Tipperary Co. Co and Martin Reilly, Project Manager for the ePlanning Project


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