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Policy & Research Development

One of the main priorities of the AILG is to continuously develop policy on local government areas that are important to our Elected Members. The Association has had consultation inputs on a wide variety of areas including Coastal Planning, Flooding, Governance & Ethics, Housing, Planning, Emergency Planning, Brexit, Irish Water, Roads and GDPR.

Recent Publications

AILG Policy Submission | 

July 2022

AILG Paper to the Members of the Committee on Public Accounts on the Governance, Oversight and Accountability of Local Authorities (June 2022)

AILG 2022 Training Brochure | 

April 2022

AILG Local Authority Elected Member Training Brochure 2022

AILG Annual Training Conference Brochure | 

March 2022

AILG Annual Training Conference Brochure 2022

AILG Annual Training Conference 2022 | 

February 2022

AILG Annual Training Conference 2022 – Promotional Flyer

Magazine Feature | 

January 2022

AILG President Cllr. Nicholas Crossan – ‘Council Review’ Magazine Feature

January 2022

Elected Member’s Explanatory Note on Members Remuneration, Allowances, Expenses and Other Supports


Legislation & Circulars

Circular | 

May 2021

NRUP 03/2021 Ministerial Planning Guidelines under Section 28 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended), Regulation of Commercial Institutional Investment in Housing

NRUP 03/2021 Issued by DHLGH

AILG Submission Paper | 

May 2021

AILG issues paper on Land Development Agency Bill (No 11 of 2021)

AILG issues paper on Land Development Agency Bill (No 11 of 2021) and specific amendments sought to the draft Bill

Circular | 

October 2020

LG 07/2020 Guidelines for supplementary Standing Orders regulating the proceedings in relation to remote meetings of the Council

LG 07/2020 Issued by DHLGH

Circular | 

October 2020


Circular | 

September 2020

LG 06/2020 Adjustment to Members’ Representational Payment from 1 October 2020

LG 06/2020 Issued by DHLGH

Circular | 

August 2020

LG 04/2020 Elected Members’ Annual Expenses Allowance

LG 04/2020 Issued by DHLGH


Media Assets

You can find all AILG media assets and Press Releases here.

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