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AILG President hosts meeting with Councillors from North and South of the Island to discuss cross border collaboration

Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick, President of AILG, hosted an important engagement between the Association of Irish Local Government and senior members of the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) in Kilkenny County Council to discuss areas of cross-border collaboration at local government level.

During his welcome address, Cllr. Pat Fitzpatrick noted that 2023 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement and emphasised the importance of cross-border relations. The Kilkenny Cathaoirleach and AILG President noted it was great to engage and build upon the good working relationship that had been established between AILG, the representative body for City and County Councillors across Ireland and NILGA, the council-led representative body for councillors and local authorities in Northern Ireland.

Following an exchange of welcomes and introductions from both sides by AILG President Cllr. Fitzpatrick and NILGA President Cllr. Martin Kearney, Minister Dara Calleary, Minister for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation joined the meeting remotely to offer government support for joint projects between both sides.

Following a series of detailed presentations by AILG and Kilkenny County Council a detailed discussion took place between councillors both North and South of the island on the importance of leadership at local level and the need to promote the important role and importance of local government.

Following a successful engagement, both sides laid the groundwork for a collaborative campaign later in the year.

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