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AILG President features in ‘Council Review’ magazine

AILG President Cllr. Nicholas Crossan featured in the long running ‘Council Review’ magazine this week.

During his interview Cllr. Crossan highlighted that increased expectations and demands have placed huge resource burdens on Councillors and local authorities across the country.

Specifically, Cllr. Crossan outlined AILG’s current and future priorities in the following key areas:

  • Ambitions to develop the AILG Elected Member Learning and Training Development Programme
  • Focusing on non-pay improvements for Councillors across the country
  • Cross border relations and renewing links with counterparts in Northern Ireland
  • Uniformity in procedures on expenses in all local authority areas around the country
  • Championing the role of the Councillor and increasing participation and diversity in local government

Speaking during the interview, the AILG President said:

“We are over halfway through the five-year council term and a primary aim is to build the profile and enhance the status and reputation of the elected member and highlight the importance of local government and the valuable work of our elected members. With the role of Councillors becoming ever more complex, a major AILG initiative has been to provide training, resources and support to Councillors to meet their legislated responsibilities.”

Read the full article by clicking HERE


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