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AILG Online Training – Rural Planning and Development Policy

The AILG will host another online training webinar for local authority members in conjunction with the Office of the Planning Regulator on Friday 28th May, 2021 from 10am – 11:30am.

Elected Members can register their interest by email to

The 2021 Training Programme builds on the 2020 programme which gave members a strategic overview of the structure of Ireland’s planning process and the role of the OPR. This programme continues giving members a more in-depth level of training in relation to topical matters that their development plan preparation functions will be dealing with over the course of the year and 2022 as most local authorities review their plans.

Download the new 2021 AILG Training Programme Brochure HERE

The title for the overall webinar is “Rural Planning and Development Policy”.
The individual presentations will:

  • Outline EU and national policies relevant to rural settlement objectives in
    the development plan;
  • Highlight National Development Plan (NDP) and planning and housing
    programmes that can be used for the revitalisation of rural towns and
    villages; and
  • Showcase examples of proactive land management and cluster housing
Course Aims/Objectives
  • Make elected members aware of the relevant EU and national regulatory
    and policy requirements that impinge on rural settlement policies;
  • Inform elected members about the range of national policy measures which
    have been developed to strengthen rural communities through plan-led
    development; and
  • Provide examples of initiatives that members can take away and use in their
    deliberations on their own development plans.

The presentations will be delivered by Niall Cussen (Planning Regulator) and Anne-Marie O’ Connor (Deputy Regulator) from the OPR.

There will be a Question and Answer session after the delivery of the presentations. Questions may be submitted online throughout the course of the webinar.


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