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One Association, two Parents - a historical note

29th April, 2015 |

The Association of Irish Local Government was inaugurated at its first meeting on 9 July 2014 in Croke Park, Dublin. The Association has two parent associations - the Association of County &  City Councils and the Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland.

Both have long pedrigees. The Association of County & City Councils has roots dating back to 1899 when the General Council of County Councils was formed to act as a network for Ireland's new County Councils, the first democratically elected local government administrations on the island of Ireland. The inaugural meeting of the General Council took place on 22 August 1899 in Dublin and comprised councillors who had convened in their parent councils for the first time on 22 April 1899 following the local elections of earlier that month. The organisation retained the name General Council of County Councils until 2007 when the title was changed to the Association of County & City Councils.

The Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland was founded on 11 December 1912 in Dublin City Hall as a representative body for town councils with a particular interest in housing policy.

Following the local government reforms of 2014 both organisations merged voluntarily to form the Association of Irish Local Government.