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AILG Online Training Fri, April 16th 2021

The AILG are hosting another online training webinar for local authority members in conjunction with the OPR and the Housing Agency on Friday 16 April, 2021 from 10am – 11:30am.

The April webinar will give an overview of Local Authority Housing and the Housing Agency.

Elected Members can register their interest by email to

The title for the overall webinar is “Local Authority Housing and the Housing Agency”.

This module will:

Provide an Introduction to Housing in Ireland; including

  • Structure of social housing in Ireland;
  • Role of Local Authorities and Approved Housing Bodies in social housing;
  • Policy and legislative background;
  • Social housing funding;
  • Social housing management; and
  • How the application & allocation process works.

 Provide an Overview of the Housing Agency; including

  • The Housing Agency’s remit;
  • How the Housing Agency, social housing and local government interact; and
  • Housing Agency supports.

The presentations will be delivered by Sarah Kennedy (Senior Staff Officer) and Camille Loftus (Head of Policy and Practice) from the Housing Agency.

There will be a Question and Answer session after the delivery of the presentations. Questions may be submitted online throughout the course of the webinar.


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